What is a WSB?

A Walking School Bus (WSB) is a group of children who walk to school together under the supervision of trained adult leaders. The program promotes good health, a cleaner environment, and reduced traffic around school. 

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At Wrightwood Elementary, we want to walk to school every day! We need parents and members of the community to help and walk with us to school!

Click on the Volunteer Page for more info.

To see where we walk and when go here: Maps

Here is the Weather forecast that we follow. We will not walk when the weather is under 35 degrees.



Walking School Bus & Bike to School Pictures

WSB & BTS FIRST DAY – 2022 – 2023


WSB FIRST PARTY – 2022 – 2023


Edna Trail Earth Day – 2021 – 2022


Walking School Bus Pictures

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  1. Join us on The Walking School Bus!


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