Walking to school is fun and great exercise! It’s also a chance to hang out with friends … But sometimes getting out the door early enough to walk to school can be a drag… so we have worked hard to come up with an incentive program to get you motivated!


  • For every day that your child walks to school your child will earn $2 toward College or Trade School!

One Town, a Wrightwood non-profit, will set up a savings account that your child can access in the future to pay for College and/or Trade School. The account will be called the One Town Student award. Your child will be able to report that they received this scholarship award in their future job and school applications. For each day that your child walks, they will have $2 added to an interest bearing account that they can cash out when they go to College or Trade School.  If you move away from Wrightwood Elementary this account will still be maintained for your child or a check will be issued to you as parents in trust for your child’s education.   If your child were to walk to school every single day of the school year they could earn up to $360! If your child is in kindergarten this could mean they could earn $2,160 over the six years they are at Wrightwood Elementary, enough to at current interest rates pay for their first semester at a Junior College.

  • Walking School Bus T-shirt
  • WSB hot chocolate parties
  • Prizes!
  • Book Fair Bucks
  • The knowledge that you have saved yourself and our environment over 300 gallons of gas and at least that much in transportation costs if you were to walk every day.  Our community can lead others by example in the hopes that others will also adopt WSBs and encourage their students to walk to school.
  • An excellent opportunity to build community, respect and harmony between our youngsters and our seniors as our volunteers and students walk together to school.

*For the Volunteers:

  • WW Elementary Parents:
    • Every 2 times = 1 cup of coffee at Wrightwood Market or Village Grind
    • Every 5 times= Breakfast at the Grizzly or Evergreen Coffee.
  • Seniors:
    • Every 2 times = 1 cup of coffee at Wrightwood Market or Village Grind
    • Every 2 times= Breakfast at the Grizzly or Evergreen Coffee.